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现在很多人不明白要回收废旧电线电缆,其实,这样做不仅能够充分利用废电线电缆剩余价值,而且还能够区别社会资源不流失。为减少对环境的影响和变废为宝,一来可以对其再生利用,二来为企业减少生成。回收的废旧电线电缆料一般大都会有不同程度的老化,所含的助剂都存在不同程度的损失。虽然废旧电线电缆回收 再生加工后其性能与新材料相比有所差异,但目前最新的研究数据表明,可通过重新调整配方,添加必要的功能助剂来改进废旧电线电缆的加工性能、力学性能和电气性能等,针对不同的产品要求,采用不同的工艺配方与工艺。即对废旧电线电缆料熔融后再生利用,即破碎后添加适量功能助剂再次二次造粒,制成内衬专用料,用于挤制电力电缆的内衬层。即可助力社会环境保护,又可为企业大大减少生产成本,挑战企业竞争极限。 Now, many people do not understand the need to recycle scrap wire and cable, in fact, doing so can not only take full advantage of the remaining value of waste wire and cable, but also be able to distinguish between social resources is not lost. In order to reduce the impact on the environment and turn waste into treasure, one can recycle it, and secondly, for enterprises to reduce production. Recycled waste wire and cable materials generally have different degrees of aging, and the additives contain varying degrees of loss. Although the difference of the performance compared with the new materials of waste recycling and processing of wire and cable, but the latest research data show that, by re adjusting the formula, to improve waste wire and cable add functional additives necessary processing properties, mechanical properties and electrical properties, according to the different requirements of products, the process formulation and process different. That is, the waste wire and cable material is fused and recycled, that is, after breaking, adding proper amount of functional auxiliary agent, and again two times granulation, lining material is made for lining the power cable. Can help the social environment protection, but also for enterprises to greatly reduce production costs, and challenge the enterprise competition limit.

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