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With the rapid development of our economy and the progress of technique, upgrade slow, there will be more and more commodities lose value into old, entered the stage of discarded goods application again. Thus establish the standard of discarded goods market, resulting in the effective application of useful resources to get is in order to solve harmful material, to prevent to purify the environment, recycling is very important.
At present, in the old cable recycling profession, as cladding layer data, from the Angle of flame retardant and economic consideration, a lot of use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main body of the halogen containing data.
从某种意义上面来说废电缆回收让我们现在的电缆使用变得更加的轻松,电缆的造价其实是很贵的,但是,当我们不能使用的时候,我们该怎么处理?其实,我们可 以回收废电缆,这样可以减少很多经济上面的投入,而且从另外的角度上面来说,我们在使用电缆的时候,如果要求不是很高,那么,我们完全可以采用一些回收来 的符合要求的电缆来进行使用,废电缆回收发挥更大的意义。
For scrap cable recycling in a sense it to make our current cable use become more relaxed, the cost of the cable is very expensive, however, when we can't use, how to deal with us? In fact, we can recycle waste cable, which reduces many economic input, above and above from another Angle, we in the use of cable, if the request is not high, so, we can use some recovery to meet the requirements of the cable to use, waste cable recycling play a more important meaning.
另外,盐基性铅盐类稳定剂、含镉和铅的染色剂等也在 PVC电缆普遍及运用。废旧电缆的不妥处置或不妥回收使用,会使有毒有害物质释放出来,危害环境和人体健康。废电缆燃烧处理,会发生氯化氢气体和烟雾,对 人体和环境带来不良影响;废电缆填埋处理,外层表皮经常年老化、分解,其间的铅、镉、铬等重金属元素会溶出后向外搬迁污染土壤和水。
In addition, the base lead salt stabilizer, dyeing agent containing cadmium and lead in PVC cable and use generally. Discarded the improper disposal of the cable or improper use, can make the poisonous and harmful material release, damage to the environment and human health. Processing, waste burning hydrogen chloride gas and smoke will happen, and bring adverse effects to the human body and environment; Cable waste landfill treatment, outer epidermis in aging, decomposition, often with a heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium move outward after the dissolution of soil and water pollution.
Overall speaking, the old cable recycling use and technology of China is not high, the low level of pollution prevention, environmental pollution caused by serious danger. This scrap cable recycling has the great significance, it can not only reduce the cost, meet the needs of other occasions, in addition, can also play the role of a very good environmental protection.

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