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Utilization of Waste Cables
1. Manual peeling method: This method uses manual peeling, which has low efficiency, high cost and poor operating environment for workers.
2.焚烧法:焚烧法是一种传统的方法,使废线缆的塑料皮燃烧,然后回收其中的铜,但产生的烟气污染极为严重,同时 ,在焚烧过程中铜线的表面严重氧化,降低了金属回收率,该法已经被各国政府严格禁止;
2. Incineration method: Incineration method is a traditional method, which burns the plastic skin of waste cables and recovers the copper, but the smoke pollution is very serious. At the same time, the surface of copper wire is seriously oxidized during the incineration process, which reduces the metal recovery rate. This method has been strictly prohibited by governments all over the world.
3. Mechanical peeling method: using cable peeling machine to deal with, this method still needs manual operation, which is semi-mechanized, labor intensive, low efficiency, and only applicable to the treatment of thick cable;
4. Chemical method: The technology of dealing with waste cables by chemical method was put forward in the 1990s. Some countries have studied it, and our country has also studied it during the Eighth Five-Year Plan. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the waste liquor can not be disposed of and has a great impact on the environment, so it is seldom used.
5. Freezing method: This method was also put forward in the 1990s. It uses liquid nitrogen as refrigerant to make waste cables brittle at very low temperature, and then breaks and shakes them to separate plastic sheet from copper wire segment. During the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, China has also established a study on this method. However, the shortcoming of this method is high cost and difficult to industrialize. Yield.

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